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In the day - today life, enormous wastes are generated by individuals and the Industry. The solid waste includes human excreta, household wastes, city garbage, commercial wastes and industrial wastes. Due to improper waste management facilities and treatment, these wastes find their way into the environment.

Disadvantage of Unscientific Methods

Methane is formed by the decomposition of organic matter. Main sources are landfills. It has 24 times more global warning potential than that of C02.

Nitrous oxide is produced by burning of garbage in dumping yards under uncontrolled conditions. It has 179 times more global warning potential than C02.

SELCO Technology – A Clean and Eco Friendly Technology

The conversion of solid waste into pellets/Briquetes/power/biofertilizer has two major advantages for Indian Cities. Firstly, it provides an alternative means for safe disposal of the city Garbage which is currently disposed of as land fills (leading to Air, Water and Land Pollution). Hence, it would overcome most of the environmental hazards associated with poor Garbage disposal. Secondly, the technology provides yet another source of renewable energy similar to that of wind energy and solar energy for power generation best suited for energy intensive Indian Cities. It is a coal substitute with a calorific value of about around 2500 Kcal/Kg and can be comparable to Coal/Wood. Unlike the coal, it has no shellac and has less ash content. Municipal Corporations can adapt the Technology with assured market. The Emission characteristics of RDF are superior compared to coal with less NOX, SOX, CO & CO2. The burning of RDF in place of coal reduces the Green House gases. Thus it is ecofriendly. Problem of waste could me mitigated through adoption of improved and scientific methods and environment friendly technologies for collection, treatment/processing before it is disposed off. It is estimated by Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) that by adoption of these technologies over 1000 MW of equivalent power can be generated from Urban, Municipal and Industrial wastes in India. Apart from producing power, one can produce bio-fertilizers also. Hence, the wastes present a solid opportunity for conversion as energy sources.

  • SELCO, being the first company in India to successfully implement a Waste to Energy plant, has the technology rights for “The conversion of garbage to Electricity”
  • We are now offering the technology to entrepreneurs across the world.
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