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MSW Processing Plant

Salient Features of Processing Plant

  • Land given by Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH) on nominal lease for 30 years
  • Long term (30 Years) agreement with MCH for the supply of Garbage
  • Excellent support extended by Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH), NEDCAP, APTRANSCO, State Government of Andhra Pradesh and Central Government of India
  • SELCO has set up the first commercial garbage processing plant in India way back in 1999
  • Totally indigenous technology
  • Drying of the garbage with solar thermal panels, a unique method, first application of its kind in our country
  • Online drying of garbage with rotary kilns...
  • Automated segregation of garbage
  • The plant is located at the trench ground of Municipal Corporation at Gandhamguda Village, on the outskirts of Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, India
Administration BuildingIntegrated Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plant
Flow chart of ProcessRotary Drier
Jaipur Plant

Refuse Derived Fuel

The RDF has been tested in various reputed National Laboratories. Broadly Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) composition will be as follows
Calorific Value: 2000 - 2500Kcal/Kg.

Proximate Analysis In%
Volatile Matter64.6
Ash Content21.9
Fixed Carbon6.3

Ultimate AnalysisIn%

Emission Characteristics

The Emission characteristics of RDF are superior compared to coal with less NOX, SOX, CO & CO2. In our RDF Burning emissions no Traces of Dioxins or Furons were found at parts per billion levels (ppb) as per the test reports of reputed labs. The burning of RDF in place of coal reduces the Green House Gases. Thus it is an eco friendly fuel. The dual advantage of MSW processing is that is not only solves the garbage disposal problems but also produces the much needed electricity. Soil enricher and fly ash are the useful byproducts. Through our innovative efforts we have proved that waste generated from Municipal Solid Waste is also useful.

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